Exam stress

So it’s the middle of exam season here at Auckland uni, everyone is studying hard, alot of my friends are stressed, anxious, fearful, the list goes on.

Me on the other hand, find myself calm and stress-free. Realising that stress or anxiety does nothing to add to the moment I’m in, is a good way of letting go, of all the little worries. 

I have an exam tomorrow morning, and I’ve done alot of work for it, studied hard, and now I just need to execute Properly and all should be well. 

Was having a chat to my brother today about his exams, and he was stressing over this and that, so I asked him a few questions.

Why do you want a good grade? What if you don’t get that grade? Will you be unhappy or will you use it to as a learning experience for the next paper? If you look back to previous exams were there papers you didn’t do as well as you hoped? Do they still affect you? Probably not, then why are these exams any different.

Ideally I’d like to do as best I can, (preferably an A grade) but at the end of the day even if I get a C grade I will be happy, I don’t have to repeat the paper, but it also helps me identify a weakness, weather that be my diligence in course work throughout the semester, or my exam prep, or maybe both of those are good and I freaked out in the exam and didnt execute as best I could. Everything is a learning opportunity it you look in the right places. 

There’s more to university then good grades. Figure out how you work, how you learn and handle challenges. Because otherwise you’ll finish uni with a just very expensive piece of paper. 

I’m not perfect, but I’m learning.


Thoughts – 14/6/17

Today has been a good day.

Currently I’m on study break for my exams, im in my 3rd year at the moment so this is my 5th time doing University exams, and it’s oddly satisfying, the calm I feel approaching such a big event. Alot of my friends are stressing and worrying doing all nighters studying. And I’m looking after myself getting good sleeps, working hard doing minimal study and still getting good grades, which is super satisfying. As I used to be the exact opposite, stress and anxiety ruled my exam prep, and exam times were always tough.

Recently I’ve been waking up early and heading into uni for a 9am start, and not coming home till 6pm, oh course I don’t study for the whole 9 hours, that’s crazy. But I do attempt to spend the larger portion of the time studying. 

I decided to start analysing my days a little to compound my efforts, I’m already working quite hard, I just needs work a little smarter. 

At the moment I’ve been experiencing a little bit of resistanceโ€‹ towards study, so tomorrow I’m going to work on:

  1. Putting my phone on do not disturb while I study.
  2. Going to go to bed early and get a good sleep, so I’m well rested for tomorrow. 
  3. Break my days into chunks so I’m not studying for hours on end, kind of like classes. 
  4. Give my self praise when praise is due, weather it be for long periods of hard work and focus, or grasping a hard topic. Reward myself with a break or a snack. The grind doesn’t have to be unenjoyable. 

So tomorrow is a new day, and I can’t wait to see how I handle it. Tomorrow is another day to prove to myself that I can do this ๐Ÿ˜Š

My heart is beating and I’m still breathing, t

Thoughts – 9/6/17

So unfortunately I didn’t end up posting every day, got way to drink after the lions vs blues rugby game on wendesday and completely forgot. And Thursday was spent being hungover. But none the less it’s been a good week, spent lots of time with friends and got good marks in my assignments and tests, so I can’t complain. 

Next week is the start of my study first exam on the 20th and I need to do alot of study for it, finance 383.. central banking..

So I’ve made a plan and I’m gonna go execute on it and get shit done. 

Also not drinking till after exams which will be new, don’t remember a week I didn’t drink tbh. Definately going to be a good change.

Saw this quote today, 

“Life will bring you the same test over and over again until you pass it” – unknown

Gonna push through the medicore mood I’m in and not have a drink or do anything to escape, been a long week and I just feel so average. So here’s to pushing through the shit moods. 

Thoughts – 6/6/17

Today has been a good day, just good vibes all round. Went to all my lectures, on top of all my course work, finished all my assignments. Gymed and hit a new pb, and even managed to score some tickets to the lions vs blues tomorrow. Which I can’t wait for. Tomorrow will be another good day ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Trying to just go with the flow, accepting what comes and letting go of what wants to leave. Feels good ๐Ÿ‘Œ

– James 

Thoughts – 5/6/17

It’s Monday, and I tried to keep myself accountable with my last post, and to some extent it worked. However I didn’t take into account a few thinks.. 

I woke snoozed my alarm till 10am got up and set out for a 10km run.. no warm up. (Better to start of walking then running) was dead 1km in… So of course I walked a good chunk of it which took a long time. Trowing breakfast out till about 12pm photo above taken from the top. Definately one of my favorite spots in the city. 

Managed to do my washing and study plan and begin studying which was good. However super slowly as motivation is still quite low. (forward is foward).

Even managed to train legs and get that done which is awesome feeling good about that, going to be sore tomorrow.. 

Got an 8am lecture Tomorrow. Which I’ll go to, more for my friends then anything. Still feeling lost which is weird. Going to aim to try and post daily this week and post something positive ๐Ÿ˜Š because I feel like that brings me the most happiness. Will try and be more grateful this week. It’s seems to be the weekends that get me down oddly enough. I do enjoy my uni weeks. 

“When you’re focused on how good the good is, the good gets better.” – Abrham Hicks

Accountability postย 

It’s a Sunday night, and I’m relaxing eating some hotdogs for desert. Don’t know why, but they’re delicious. 

Looking back, its been one of those weeks, where I can’t seem to find the care to do anything productive. Spent alot of time relaxing doing nothing, hanging out with friends and drinking. Managed to go snow boarding, mini road trip, party and work.. but im 17 days out from my first exam, I have tests and assignments coming up next week and I still can’t seem to find my motivation to do anything, been an interesting week. Got a part time job which is good, pays for my Adventures. But takes alot of my time.. so whell see how this goes moving forward.

Tomorrow I needa hit the ground running, literally.. so I’m gonna aim for a 10km run/walk to the top of my Eden and back, first thing when I wake. Come back eat, and hang out my washing, write a study plan of how I’m going to approach the week, make some lunch, cruise into uni and start executing on the plan, and possibly gym again, (legs maybe, whell see how the run goes). Hopefully this plan will work, get my ass Into gear.

 To-do tomorrow:

  1. Run to my Eden and back, (take photo for tomorrows blog post ๐Ÿ‘)
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Washing day
  4. Study plan – finance 383- prop 211-231-281
  5. Eat lunch
  6. Uni / legs? 

No idea how this will go, but im hoping this post keeps me accountable. Or atleast something good happens from my day which I can compund forward ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Time for change

It’s Sunday here in NZ, I’m hungover recovering from a pretty wild week, exams are approaching fast for uni, and my priorities are all over the place. 

I say ‘wild’ week, because I got all my grades back from the assignments and tests. And I’m happy to say that my grades were good, soooo… I cut lose a little bit, went out Thursday night.. Friday night.. and Saturday night.. no particular reason just wanted to have some fun, but now it’s sunday I feel like shit, I have a finance essay due Monday I need to finish.. so I better get on to that.

So I need change, partying 3/7 days a week isn’t sustainable, physically, mentally, and financially.. starting now, I’m going to get back to cooking good food again, gyming every other day, waking up early. And if I do drink, try and drink in moderation.. 

Looking at the week ahead I have a good week ahead of me, lots to be grateful for. Going snowboarding on Wednesday night again which will be fun, and also road tripping to Hamilton for a party and a night out with my friends, which will also be fun. However if I’m gonna play hard this week I also need to work hard, (something I didn’t do this week and I feel pretty guilty for it).

So here’s my simple do NOT do list:

  1. Do NOT Drink alcohol before Thursday. (Thursday don’t get wasted, have fun).
  2. Do NOT Stay up late, (want to be fully rested come snowboarding and roadtriping).
  3. Do NOT Buy takeout ( doing a fun this costs money, need to try balance out my eating out with adventures). 
  4. Do NOT be so self critical ( it’s all a journey, enjoy it, take chances, learn from mistakes, grow as a person)

To do list:

  1. Wake up early, write down goals in journal each morning, just to affirm them into you day.
  2. Be patient, speak less and listen more. 
  3. Be grateful, show appreciation for the things that make me feel good. Because recognizing them helps draw more good things into your life. 

    Edit: I find writing these posts very beneficial, very uplifting ๐Ÿ˜Š