Enjoying the temporary things in life 

When I breakdown my day, it’s not the bigger accomplishments that bring me the most joy but the small moments that bring about the most joy to my day.

Enjoying the temporary things in life is something I’m learning to do, appreciating the small things goes along way to adding value to your day, whether or not you realise it.

I say temporary, because nothing lasts forever, and you’d be a fool to think so. I’ve been a fool many times before.

As I write this I’m currently relaxing I. Albert park watching the sun go down behind the city.

I’ve just devoured my first mushroom burger from Better Burger, followed quickly by a double cheese burger.

Better burgers mushroom burger 10/10, would get that again even though I ain’t a vegetarian. So full now 🙂

Today’s been an interesting day, allowed my self a huge sleep in because I know my body needs it. However still aiming to be productive and start the week with good habits; I simply just pushed my day back a few hours, no biggie. And because of this my highlight moments are still my breakfast and lunch.

Me and food. Something about eating good tasting food just brings so much joy to my day.

Find out what you thoroughly enjoy food wise. And replicate that on the daily. And I’m sure you’re days will be that little bit better, I know mine are.

Life’s to short to eat food you don’t remotely enjoy.

To busy enjoying my first mushroom burger that i didn’t take a photo of it. So here is a photo of a double cheese burger instead.

Thoughts – 23/4/17

Walking back from dinner with my dad, (Argentinian BBQ), we talked about positivity.

I mentioned that I wrote in my journal daily, which he though was good, told me I should start a blog and just share positivity. 

That made me smile 🙂

And that’s what I’m doing.

Today’s been an awesome day, dispite recovering from a wild night out for my friends birthday. Managed to squeeze in some time at the beach and a dinner date with my dad. 

Lots to be grateful for in a world as beautiful as this.

Tomorrows the start of a new week, and Im looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish. 

My goal is to write something positive on here daily 🙂

I’ve been pondering this quote lately, Slowly starting to understand it.

Dickeys Flat Day Trip

Yesterday was an awesome day.

I’m not very fond of sitting around and doing nothing, killing time watching Netflix and just not doing a lot. I’d much prefer spending my time creating memories, pushing my comfort zone and having fun with friends and family.

Recently i have been hanging out with a lot of international people, i like that, because they’re always down to adventure and explore, and create memories and document them, while living in the moment. which is something i am all for, and hey i might be able to add a little value to they’re time abroad by showing them places they might not of known of otherwise; and this place was definitely one of them.

So yesterday i got a big group of friends and family together and decided were going to dickeys flat. “who’s dickey? and why are we going to his house?” most people asked. Its just the name of the watering hole we were heading to.

dickie flat screen shot
Dickeys Flat Campsite (where we parked our cars )

Upon arriving at dickeys flat we were greeted my my two brother and some more friends. Now for a short walk to dickeys flat. This part is always exciting if you’ve never been before. Multiple bridges over beautiful river views. 10-15 minute walk along the trail you are then greeted by an old mining tunnel.

Blurry photo of the cave for illustration purposes 

Of which if you’re not prepared for is always fun. The tunnel is almost pitch black for approximately 200 meters there is water running down by your feet, glow worms on the roof of the cave, and just enough room to let someone pass who’s coming from the other direction. And right on the other side is a beautiful waterhole with multiple waterfalls and rocks to jump off.

This is definitely one of those places that make me appreciate the journey just as much as the destination, Both are equally as exciting. So this day was the 20/4/17 not to long after cyclone cook. so the water level was quite a bit higher then usual and the water icy cold, words cant describe how cold this water was, literally like jumping into an ice bath. Nonetheless we all took hold of the moment, some with a little more encouragement then others, and took the leap. swimming across to the other side for warmth on the sunny rocks and to do some jumps into the water.

Hanging out trying to get warm

i have been wanting to learn to take photos for a while now, and my twin brother was showing me the basics (hopefully i can get just as many pics for future posts). We all did a few jumps and then quickly retreated to get warm and eat some food and just enjoy the cereal landscape.

After the icy cold water, we had no trouble agreeing upon the Te Aroha Hot pools as our next stop. So off we headed. Back through the cave down the track over the bridges, into the cars, and drove all the way to Te Aroha for a relaxing time in the hot pools. This was much deserved.

After relaxing and enjoying each others company, (its always good to see my brothers). we went our separate ways one car back to Hamilton and the other to Auckland. we buckled up for a decently long drive home. Just singing along to some oldies but goodies, and driving into a beautiful peachy red sunset.

Upon arriving in Auckland marked the end of an awesome adventure and some great memories. I hope to have many more adventures like this, where everything seemingly goes to plan, everyone’s on a good vibe, and the weather could not get any better.

“It’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination” – unknown

Here’ to the friends, old and new, that make the road trips that much more exiting 🙂

My First Post

I have been thinking of writing a blog for a little while now, cant seem to get it off my mind, reason being i journal on the daily and tend to find myself writing lots, why not digitize it. And if i can add value to someones day, then that makes me happy. Because it adds value to my life just sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences; whether or not any one reads them.

so, here goes.

Dickies Flat, 2017

My Names is James, i’m a 21 year old university student, doing a conjoint in finance and property. I currently live in lil ol New Zealand, in its big city of Auckland. I love going on adventures in and around Auckland city. Spending most of my weekends exploring new places and going on little road trips to cool destinations, and sharing these adventures with family and friends. I love to share what i do, hence this blog 🙂

I look forward to posting more and seeing how my writing and grammar develops. while being able to look back on my documentation of various experiences and laugh, and just reflect on how far i have come.

“life is not a sprint, its a marathon”- unknown

and in the wise words of Barney Stinson  “step one, you start running… there is no step two.”