Time for change

It’s Sunday here in NZ, I’m hungover recovering from a pretty wild week, exams are approaching fast for uni, and my priorities are all over the place. 

I say ‘wild’ week, because I got all my grades back from the assignments and tests. And I’m happy to say that my grades were good, soooo… I cut lose a little bit, went out Thursday night.. Friday night.. and Saturday night.. no particular reason just wanted to have some fun, but now it’s sunday I feel like shit, I have a finance essay due Monday I need to finish.. so I better get on to that.

So I need change, partying 3/7 days a week isn’t sustainable, physically, mentally, and financially.. starting now, I’m going to get back to cooking good food again, gyming every other day, waking up early. And if I do drink, try and drink in moderation.. 

Looking at the week ahead I have a good week ahead of me, lots to be grateful for. Going snowboarding on Wednesday night again which will be fun, and also road tripping to Hamilton for a party and a night out with my friends, which will also be fun. However if I’m gonna play hard this week I also need to work hard, (something I didn’t do this week and I feel pretty guilty for it).

So here’s my simple do NOT do list:

  1. Do NOT Drink alcohol before Thursday. (Thursday don’t get wasted, have fun).
  2. Do NOT Stay up late, (want to be fully rested come snowboarding and roadtriping).
  3. Do NOT Buy takeout ( doing a fun this costs money, need to try balance out my eating out with adventures). 
  4. Do NOT be so self critical ( it’s all a journey, enjoy it, take chances, learn from mistakes, grow as a person)

To do list:

  1. Wake up early, write down goals in journal each morning, just to affirm them into you day.
  2. Be patient, speak less and listen more. 
  3. Be grateful, show appreciation for the things that make me feel good. Because recognizing them helps draw more good things into your life. 

    Edit: I find writing these posts very beneficial, very uplifting 😊

    Thoughts – 23/5/17

    Today is Tuesday and I’m off to and Interesting start to the week. Unfortunately losing all motivation I accumulated all week last week. And starting very slow. I’ve got 1 big assignment left, and that’s a 2000 word essay for finance, I’ll chip away at slowly this week.  

    On another note, all the hard work I put in last week paid off, getting my assignment I. On time, and completing two tests, I managed to pass finance with a B and property construction with a B+ so I am very happy with those results 😊 

    Will continue to try and regain some motivation for uni, unfortunately I find myself wanting to party more then anything. But with 3 weeks left before exams it is probably not the wisest thing to do. 

    Everytime i doubt myself, i try and remember that there is no guide to life, everyone is doing the best they know. 😊

    How writing in a blog affects you

    So I’ve been writing in this blog for almost a month now, and I have already felt it has added alot of value to my days. 

    Openly reflecting on the day been, showing gratitude for the blessings thoughout my day. Constructively criticizing myself in hindsight, learning from possible mistakes. And just being more consciously aware of where I am heading.  All of these have been a great tool to fast track me in the direction I want to go. Because at the end day no one know what they’re doing were all just doing the best we can. 

    Even though I find my self in a rut at the moment, with my loss of motivation. I know my motivation will vary from time to time, and that’s ok 😊 can’t be to hard on yourself.

    TGIF – 19/5/17

    Changed up the title.. original right.. 

    It’s the end of a long week and I’m happy it’s done, and proud of how I handled it, managed to gym 3 times, go to all my lectures, hand in a 30% assignment, did a 25% test and a 33% test today, and go snowboarding. So it was a good week. 

    However I’m super exhausted after all this and just want to sleep, so I can enjoy a night out with my friends this weekend, gonna chuck on a movie and go to sleep early 😊

    Thoughts -18/5/17

    I’m beginning to think I should name my post something different, more relevant to something in the post, but then again, what I post are my thoughts for that particular day. So the title is relevant.. whell see how creative I feel next post.

    So the past few days have been a little crazy, handed in a 30% property valuation report and also did a 25% finance test.. all of which were quite mentally demanding and stressful to say the least.  But feeling a huge sense of relief now they’re done, now I just wait and see if my grades reflect my effort (hope so). 

    After all the madness that was uni, I decided I’m gonna do something for me. So I called up a friend and told him we’re gonna go snowboarding at snow planet (huge I door snow park, kinda like a giant freezer) with the snow sports club. Which was so much fun. Had no idea what I was doing to be honest. I’ve been snow boarding once before many years ago now. And it was on my list of things to do this year. So made the most of an exciting afternoon, and it didn’t take long before I was attempting the biggest jump in the snow park. I say attempting because for whatever reason I kept bailing, the only advice I got was “more speed, bend your knees” and as you can imagine my friends told me to boost down as fast as I can and hit the biggest jump.. so I did.. only to do half a back flip and land on my head in front of everyone.. and to my surprise it could of gone alot worse, just picked myself up and kept trying until I got it. Thank god I was wearing a helmet and I didnt actually get hurt.

    Unfortunately I didn’t end up taking any photos like I planned to, Because my phone died. But I have lots of good memories, and hope to go again sometime in the next few weeks when my body recovers.

    For now I have to focus back on my uni and crush the upcoming assignments and 33% test tomorrow morning, I should be studying for, but instead I’m procrastinating by posting.

    It’s been an awesome few days, so here a few things I’m grateful for:

    • I’m grateful I didn’t hurt myself snowboarding, only aches and pains that’ll pass with rest.
    • I’m grateful Im another test/ assignment closer to finishing this semester.
    • I’m grateful that i have the opportunity to do these cool things, many people do not. 
    • I’m grateful for having a good bunch of friends around me at uni.
    • I’m grateful for getting good sleeps lately. Been waking up in great moods, happy and motivated and rested.

    On another note, I ate 40 donuts today.. no reason in particular. They were nice. Felt kind of sick afterwards though. No regrets though.


    Thought – 16/5/17

    Today been a good day, another big 12 hour day at uni, topping it off by walking home in the rain, but dispite the big day bad weather and impending doom of deadlines, Im feeling good, haven’t let anything break my spirit of affect my mood today. Been happy all day, and that’s more then I can ask for out of my day. 

    Saw this quote, and it really made me think.. that even though I’m finding uni quite hard at the moment, I have faith that it will all dividends down the track. 

    “Do what is hard, and life will be easy. Do what is easy, and life will be hard.” – unknown

    So tomorrows another 8am start at uni.. which can be a drag sometimes especially after two other 8am starts and multiple big days, but I’ve planned ahead and I’m gonna get to bed early get a good sleep, and wake up happy and refreshed ready to kill this Finance test ( fingers crossed ). And begin studying for the next upcoming test, it’s all a journey and it’s nice to stop sometimes and take a minute for yourself. 

    I tend to do this, with food, or gym, Im lucky enough to have some good friends ds in my classes and I see them quite a bit which is always nice, but taking a minute just to slow down, breath and just pause, definately​ adds a little value to my day. 

    Nervous and excited for tomorrow. Whell see how it all plays out πŸ™Š

    Thoughts – 15/5/17

    So as I write this I’m currently on the long walk home (40mins) from uni to home. I’ve just spent over 12 hours at University most of which I’d like to think was productive. But dispite a mentally exhausting day, I can’t help but smile as I walk home listening to Erhling – No worries while feeling happy 😊

    I can’t put a finger on the reason why, but I think it has to do with the combination of productivity and friends today. I did a lot of group work, which most would think was super frustrating, but we have a good group of people, everyone gets along and does what needs to be done, and it’s just nice. Good change from many other past group assignments. On top of that I managed to get alot of study done for wendesdays big test. Which I calming the nervs. 

    Tomorrows another big day, and I’m surprisingly looking foward to the challenge. So now I have to get home and shower and sleep, rest up for that 6 an alarm. 

    3 things I’m grateful for today:

    1. Group assignment teams that cooperate.
    2. The satisfying feeling of getting things done, and (hopefully) Learning lots. 
    3. For this feeling of happiness that I’ve had all day 😊