Exam stress

So it’s the middle of exam season here at Auckland uni, everyone is studying hard, alot of my friends are stressed, anxious, fearful, the list goes on.

Me on the other hand, find myself calm and stress-free. Realising that stress or anxiety does nothing to add to the moment I’m in, is a good way of letting go, of all the little worries. 

I have an exam tomorrow morning, and I’ve done alot of work for it, studied hard, and now I just need to execute Properly and all should be well. 

Was having a chat to my brother today about his exams, and he was stressing over this and that, so I asked him a few questions.

Why do you want a good grade? What if you don’t get that grade? Will you be unhappy or will you use it to as a learning experience for the next paper? If you look back to previous exams were there papers you didn’t do as well as you hoped? Do they still affect you? Probably not, then why are these exams any different.

Ideally I’d like to do as best I can, (preferably an A grade) but at the end of the day even if I get a C grade I will be happy, I don’t have to repeat the paper, but it also helps me identify a weakness, weather that be my diligence in course work throughout the semester, or my exam prep, or maybe both of those are good and I freaked out in the exam and didnt execute as best I could. Everything is a learning opportunity it you look in the right places. 

There’s more to university then good grades. Figure out how you work, how you learn and handle challenges. Because otherwise you’ll finish uni with a just very expensive piece of paper. 

I’m not perfect, but I’m learning.


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