Thoughts – 9/6/17

So unfortunately I didn’t end up posting every day, got way to drink after the lions vs blues rugby game on wendesday and completely forgot. And Thursday was spent being hungover. But none the less it’s been a good week, spent lots of time with friends and got good marks in my assignments and tests, so I can’t complain. 

Next week is the start of my study first exam on the 20th and I need to do alot of study for it, finance 383.. central banking..

So I’ve made a plan and I’m gonna go execute on it and get shit done. 

Also not drinking till after exams which will be new, don’t remember a week I didn’t drink tbh. Definately going to be a good change.

Saw this quote today, 

“Life will bring you the same test over and over again until you pass it” – unknown

Gonna push through the medicore mood I’m in and not have a drink or do anything to escape, been a long week and I just feel so average. So here’s to pushing through the shit moods. 

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