Thoughts – 5/6/17

It’s Monday, and I tried to keep myself accountable with my last post, and to some extent it worked. However I didn’t take into account a few thinks.. 

I woke snoozed my alarm till 10am got up and set out for a 10km run.. no warm up. (Better to start of walking then running) was dead 1km in… So of course I walked a good chunk of it which took a long time. Trowing breakfast out till about 12pm photo above taken from the top. Definately one of my favorite spots in the city. 

Managed to do my washing and study plan and begin studying which was good. However super slowly as motivation is still quite low. (forward is foward).

Even managed to train legs and get that done which is awesome feeling good about that, going to be sore tomorrow.. 

Got an 8am lecture Tomorrow. Which I’ll go to, more for my friends then anything. Still feeling lost which is weird. Going to aim to try and post daily this week and post something positive 😊 because I feel like that brings me the most happiness. Will try and be more grateful this week. It’s seems to be the weekends that get me down oddly enough. I do enjoy my uni weeks. 

“When you’re focused on how good the good is, the good gets better.” – Abrham Hicks

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