Accountability post 

It’s a Sunday night, and I’m relaxing eating some hotdogs for desert. Don’t know why, but they’re delicious. 

Looking back, its been one of those weeks, where I can’t seem to find the care to do anything productive. Spent alot of time relaxing doing nothing, hanging out with friends and drinking. Managed to go snow boarding, mini road trip, party and work.. but im 17 days out from my first exam, I have tests and assignments coming up next week and I still can’t seem to find my motivation to do anything, been an interesting week. Got a part time job which is good, pays for my Adventures. But takes alot of my time.. so whell see how this goes moving forward.

Tomorrow I needa hit the ground running, literally.. so I’m gonna aim for a 10km run/walk to the top of my Eden and back, first thing when I wake. Come back eat, and hang out my washing, write a study plan of how I’m going to approach the week, make some lunch, cruise into uni and start executing on the plan, and possibly gym again, (legs maybe, whell see how the run goes). Hopefully this plan will work, get my ass Into gear.

 To-do tomorrow:

  1. Run to my Eden and back, (take photo for tomorrows blog post 👍)
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Washing day
  4. Study plan – finance 383- prop 211-231-281
  5. Eat lunch
  6. Uni / legs? 

No idea how this will go, but im hoping this post keeps me accountable. Or atleast something good happens from my day which I can compund forward 😊 

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