Time for change

It’s Sunday here in NZ, I’m hungover recovering from a pretty wild week, exams are approaching fast for uni, and my priorities are all over the place. 

I say ‘wild’ week, because I got all my grades back from the assignments and tests. And I’m happy to say that my grades were good, soooo… I cut lose a little bit, went out Thursday night.. Friday night.. and Saturday night.. no particular reason just wanted to have some fun, but now it’s sunday I feel like shit, I have a finance essay due Monday I need to finish.. so I better get on to that.

So I need change, partying 3/7 days a week isn’t sustainable, physically, mentally, and financially.. starting now, I’m going to get back to cooking good food again, gyming every other day, waking up early. And if I do drink, try and drink in moderation.. 

Looking at the week ahead I have a good week ahead of me, lots to be grateful for. Going snowboarding on Wednesday night again which will be fun, and also road tripping to Hamilton for a party and a night out with my friends, which will also be fun. However if I’m gonna play hard this week I also need to work hard, (something I didn’t do this week and I feel pretty guilty for it).

So here’s my simple do NOT do list:

  1. Do NOT Drink alcohol before Thursday. (Thursday don’t get wasted, have fun).
  2. Do NOT Stay up late, (want to be fully rested come snowboarding and roadtriping).
  3. Do NOT Buy takeout ( doing a fun this costs money, need to try balance out my eating out with adventures). 
  4. Do NOT be so self critical ( it’s all a journey, enjoy it, take chances, learn from mistakes, grow as a person)

To do list:

  1. Wake up early, write down goals in journal each morning, just to affirm them into you day.
  2. Be patient, speak less and listen more. 
  3. Be grateful, show appreciation for the things that make me feel good. Because recognizing them helps draw more good things into your life. 

    Edit: I find writing these posts very beneficial, very uplifting 😊

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