Thoughts -18/5/17

I’m beginning to think I should name my post something different, more relevant to something in the post, but then again, what I post are my thoughts for that particular day. So the title is relevant.. whell see how creative I feel next post.

So the past few days have been a little crazy, handed in a 30% property valuation report and also did a 25% finance test.. all of which were quite mentally demanding and stressful to say the least.  But feeling a huge sense of relief now they’re done, now I just wait and see if my grades reflect my effort (hope so). 

After all the madness that was uni, I decided I’m gonna do something for me. So I called up a friend and told him we’re gonna go snowboarding at snow planet (huge I door snow park, kinda like a giant freezer) with the snow sports club. Which was so much fun. Had no idea what I was doing to be honest. I’ve been snow boarding once before many years ago now. And it was on my list of things to do this year. So made the most of an exciting afternoon, and it didn’t take long before I was attempting the biggest jump in the snow park. I say attempting because for whatever reason I kept bailing, the only advice I got was “more speed, bend your knees” and as you can imagine my friends told me to boost down as fast as I can and hit the biggest jump.. so I did.. only to do half a back flip and land on my head in front of everyone.. and to my surprise it could of gone alot worse, just picked myself up and kept trying until I got it. Thank god I was wearing a helmet and I didnt actually get hurt.

Unfortunately I didn’t end up taking any photos like I planned to, Because my phone died. But I have lots of good memories, and hope to go again sometime in the next few weeks when my body recovers.

For now I have to focus back on my uni and crush the upcoming assignments and 33% test tomorrow morning, I should be studying for, but instead I’m procrastinating by posting.

It’s been an awesome few days, so here a few things I’m grateful for:

  • I’m grateful I didn’t hurt myself snowboarding, only aches and pains that’ll pass with rest.
  • I’m grateful Im another test/ assignment closer to finishing this semester.
  • I’m grateful that i have the opportunity to do these cool things, many people do not. 
  • I’m grateful for having a good bunch of friends around me at uni.
  • I’m grateful for getting good sleeps lately. Been waking up in great moods, happy and motivated and rested.

On another note, I ate 40 donuts today.. no reason in particular. They were nice. Felt kind of sick afterwards though. No regrets though.


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