Thought – 16/5/17

Today been a good day, another big 12 hour day at uni, topping it off by walking home in the rain, but dispite the big day bad weather and impending doom of deadlines, Im feeling good, haven’t let anything break my spirit of affect my mood today. Been happy all day, and that’s more then I can ask for out of my day. 

Saw this quote, and it really made me think.. that even though I’m finding uni quite hard at the moment, I have faith that it will all dividends down the track. 

“Do what is hard, and life will be easy. Do what is easy, and life will be hard.” – unknown

So tomorrows another 8am start at uni.. which can be a drag sometimes especially after two other 8am starts and multiple big days, but I’ve planned ahead and I’m gonna get to bed early get a good sleep, and wake up happy and refreshed ready to kill this Finance test ( fingers crossed ). And begin studying for the next upcoming test, it’s all a journey and it’s nice to stop sometimes and take a minute for yourself. 

I tend to do this, with food, or gym, Im lucky enough to have some good friends ds in my classes and I see them quite a bit which is always nice, but taking a minute just to slow down, breath and just pause, definately​ adds a little value to my day. 

Nervous and excited for tomorrow. Whell see how it all plays out 🙊

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