Thoughts – 13/5/17

Today is a Saturday, and after a long week I finally have some breathing room, only to have another longer week approaching. Dispite the pressure and stress of multiple University tests and assignments due all in the next week, I find it helpful to unplug from the system and switch off auto pilot. 

Today I realised I’ve been on auto pilot, getting up, going to uni, gyming, studying, walking home, cooking, procrastinating, then sleeping.. and waking up just to repeat it the next day.. and finding each day harder and harder to get up for. 

So I’m going to start taking control of the things I can control, for instance; eating food I like to eat, rather then eating for sake of eating, enjoying a meal in the sun outside rather then being couped up inside all day, listening to happy music, sitting in nice park next to uni rather then sitting and eating at uni, hanging out with friends when I have a the time, rather then napping and resting.

It’s just the little things that I feel will compound throughout my day, that will make the difference, especially when it comes to busier more stressful weeks of University.  

I’m looking forward to testing how I handle the next week, obviously I’d like it to go 100% to plan, but I can already sense that things will come up and trow me off, but that’s ok, I got this 😊 

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