Thoughts 11/5/17

Today’s been super unproductive unfortunately, but that’s ok. Just means I’m more likely to be surprised productive tomorrow, which is good. Going to aim to spend the majority of the day at University, studying for my finance midterm on wendesday and finish off my property valuation report for wendesday also, so busy busy, but should be sweet. If I can handle the workload efficiently I’m sure I can manage to find time to relax and do something for me, which will be nice.

New goal, to be effective not busy, starting tomorrow. I have some important tests I need to preform in, and build my confidence up for.

On another note, I’ve been listening to alot of acoustic guitar songs on Spotify, they’re quite relaxing, quite enjoy them. 😊 

Suiting up again tonight and poping out to go to a CBRE Property networking event, which will be fun. Looking forward to that.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Break in the rain, just enough for me to get to uni 90% dry. 
  2. Feeling good about the gym lately, making progress I feel.
  3. Having the house to myself for a change, it’s nice and peaceful. 

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