Thoughts – 8/5/17

Upon starting this blog, i found myself with an abundance of time, and not enough things to fill it with. Unfortunately now I’ve had my mid term results back, Ive found I need to do a little more work then I thought, so like a good student, I’m studying my weaknesses lots more. 

Figuring out this thing they call ‘study’ has been interesting, because even throughout my earlier studies I never enjoyed study or gave it much effort to be honest. 

My Instagram is full of quotes, so I tend to ponder alot of quotes that catch my eye. Today has been this one:

Gives me comfort to know that we’re all just figuring out what works for us. For me, study is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, or at least these days I find alot of resistance to get myself to study. But I’ve been making progress, figuring out what works for me; so far I’ve found 

  • I am 10x more productive in the morning.
  • Can’t be hungover, just makes it 10 x harder.
  • I enjoy knowing exactly what I have to do before hand, especially when it comes to watching lectures. Need to mentally prepare to watch a 1hr lecture. Because I have a short attention span
  • Also need to remember to focus on the retention of knowledge, and being present and gains the most from the moment, rather then just getting it done. 
  • Breakfast is important, especially for morning lectures.
  • I prefer to study at uni and then study at home.
  • Home is a place of rest and uni is where I study. 

I think it’ll be good for me to record these. Just so I can reflect on them at a later date.

I’ve really been enjoying reading my older posts, seeing what progress I have made, and seeing that this isn’t actually a waste of my time is always nice. I do enjoy posting these. Just sometimes find it hard to stop the rush, and take a minute to be present. I’ll continue to work on that. 

I look forward to the week ahaed 😊

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