Thoughts – 2/5/17

Today was my first day back at uni, and to be honest not all that bad, dispite having to wake up at 6am for an 8am lecture, that day was good, although I quickly got very tired at about 3pm. Need to have an early night tonight and rest up for another 8am tomorrow.

I’ve been fascinated rather then frustrated at why I’ve been feeling pretty average, dispite being super productive and doing all the things I set out to do for the day plus more. 

Other then that everything is going according to plan, gym is on track for the week, finance study is moving forward, assignment is done, started to organise my other group assignment and still have plenty of time for me. Although I was to tired to make canoe club training, I am definitely going to try make training next week. Gotta still do things for me amongst all the uni work.

Just an update. I do enjoy reading back over these, I know it hasn’t been lo but it’s nice to see what I was feeling and doing a week ago. Got to appreciate the journey.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. I’m grateful for a productive day, moving forward on all my goals
  2. I’m grateful for my cooking, made the nicest Thai green chicken curry tonight.
  3. I’m grateful that tomorrow is a new day.

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