Thoughts – 1/5/17

Today’s been a good day, not because it was super fun and exciting.. because it wasn’t, but because I set myself a goal, and I accomplished it. And that feels good.

Today I set out to compete an overly abitious to do list, now University is back on, I need to start to focus on my study a bit more and party and Adventure a little less. But that’s ok, once I get I to the swing of things I’m sure I can make plenty of time to do cool exciting things again, once I get back on top of my University studies. 

Things I want to do come winter:

  1. Snow board as much as I can
  2. Get a job I can balance with uni
  3. Save up for a trip away somewhere exotic.
  4. Hmm… What else to do in he winter… I’ll keep thinking

Todays been a good day, so the top 3 things I’m grateful for today are: 

  1. Im grateful for a super productive day, smashing my to do list plus more.
  2. I’m grateful for all the good food I had today, that i cooked it all my self. (Usually I’m a take out addict.)
  3. I’m grateful to be back at uni, progressing day by day 🙂

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