An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

As a student, getting sick or feeling run down can be extremely taxing on your studies and this year I have already felt that. 

I drink as much as any other student would, I don’t eat as much Veges as I probably should given I cook for myself, i live in a pretty damp cold house and I’ll be the first to say my diet is not that great. 

But dispite all that im still grateful to be fit and healthy. I’ve brought all the vitamins and what not to try and prevent me from getting sick, and keep me in tip top shape for University, gym, and work. But I honestly just forget to take them they sit in the cupboard and I only take them when I really feel like I need to. 

So a while ago i decided that I’m just going to adopt the good old, “apple a day, keeps the doctor away” mentality. Reason being the mind creates most illnesses, and if a change of mind can fix this, then I’m going to give it a try. 

Plus being a student, it’s cheaper then buying various vitamins and I actually enjoy eating apples. I usually do this while walking to university in the morning. It’s nice.

So I would encourage everyone to eat an apple a day, and safeguard themselves from the mental chatter that creates alot of the little worries that influence your health. 

So, whell see how far away I can keep the doctors away this year. I look forward to seeing how much time and money and energy I can save but simply eating an apple a day. 🍎

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