Thoughts – 25/4/17

So today’s been and interesting day, not going to say a bad day, but not my best of days, woke up at 12pm which is unlike me then continued to sit around and try and figure out my day.. to no success. But that’s ok, hung around in bed till 3.30pm then thought I needed to get out and headed to the gym, so my day wasn’t completely lost and atleast i got outside. 

I guess today, I learned in oder for me to wake up motivated I need to wake up early, if I’m doing and uni work or study, I preferably need to head into uni To do that, putting myself in a productive space and eliminating any distractions. Which is definitely worth the 5.4km round trip walk into uni, as I have found I just am not as productive as I would hope at home.

So tomorrow is a new day, with new goals, gonna head into University early and do a group project and just generally be more productive. 

My goal is to be more productive then the previous day. And see how that compounds. 

Just three small things I’m grateful for today.

  1. Peanut butter and jam on toast for breakfast. So easy, so simple, yet so good. 
  2. Gym today. Although not my strongest workout was definitely a good feeling to be back in the gym lifting again. Making progress.
  3. Enjoying breakfast in the sun outside on a sunny day, I tend to do this as much as I can, even if it isn’t so sunny, it’s just nice to get outside first thing in the morning. 

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