Enjoying the temporary things in life 

When I breakdown my day, it’s not the bigger accomplishments that bring me the most joy but the small moments that bring about the most joy to my day.

Enjoying the temporary things in life is something I’m learning to do, appreciating the small things goes along way to adding value to your day, whether or not you realise it.

I say temporary, because nothing lasts forever, and you’d be a fool to think so. I’ve been a fool many times before.

As I write this I’m currently relaxing I. Albert park watching the sun go down behind the city.

I’ve just devoured my first mushroom burger from Better Burger, followed quickly by a double cheese burger.

Better burgers mushroom burger 10/10, would get that again even though I ain’t a vegetarian. So full now 🙂

Today’s been an interesting day, allowed my self a huge sleep in because I know my body needs it. However still aiming to be productive and start the week with good habits; I simply just pushed my day back a few hours, no biggie. And because of this my highlight moments are still my breakfast and lunch.

Me and food. Something about eating good tasting food just brings so much joy to my day.

Find out what you thoroughly enjoy food wise. And replicate that on the daily. And I’m sure you’re days will be that little bit better, I know mine are.

Life’s to short to eat food you don’t remotely enjoy.

To busy enjoying my first mushroom burger that i didn’t take a photo of it. So here is a photo of a double cheese burger instead.

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