My First Post

I have been thinking of writing a blog for a little while now, cant seem to get it off my mind, reason being i journal on the daily and tend to find myself writing lots, why not digitize it. And if i can add value to someones day, then that makes me happy. Because it adds value to my life just sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences; whether or not any one reads them.

so, here goes.

Dickies Flat, 2017

My Names is James, i’m a 21 year old university student, doing a conjoint in finance and property. I currently live in lil ol New Zealand, in its big city of Auckland. I love going on adventures in and around Auckland city. Spending most of my weekends exploring new places and going on little road trips to cool destinations, and sharing these adventures with family and friends. I love to share what i do, hence this blog 🙂

I look forward to posting more and seeing how my writing and grammar develops. while being able to look back on my documentation of various experiences and laugh, and just reflect on how far i have come.

“life is not a sprint, its a marathon”- unknown

and in the wise words of Barney Stinson  “step one, you start running… there is no step two.”


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